Priority to the Older People in Home Care Service

Around 470,000 people used local authority funded home care services in England as revealed in the year 2015. (Source NICE)

Majority of these will be people aged over 65 years old.

The new quality standard encourages providers to ditch the ‘one size fits all’ approach. It says that home care plans should describe what each person wants and how their needs will be met.

Family members and carers should be involved in the decision process if possible.

Enough time should be given so that what they want can be achieved in a way that does not compromise their dignity and wellbeing.(Nice Home care 2016).

Older people using home care services should have a care plan that reflects what support they need, what is important to them, what they feel they can do, and what they want to be able to do.” The standard says providers should ensure a back-up plan in place so that the older person stays safe and their carers are kept informed.

If home workers get to know the person they are caring for, they understand them and their needs. In turn it builds the person’s confidence in the service and instils a sense of safety.

Continuity of home care workers is another priority for delivering person-centred care.

To maintain the standard providers should ensure a back-up plan is in place so that the older person stays safe and their carers are kept informed

For more information about the Home care Quality standard List, Read NICE Home care QS (2016) OR 123

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