About Us

About Melody Health Services

Our supported living services

Melody Health Services Ltd provides accommodation and support for adult over the age of 18 facing challenges that may prevent them from living independently.

We deliver support to a wide range of vulnerable people. Our service covers adults with mild physical disabilities, Learning disabilities and adults that required life couching and support in order to adopt independent living and move their life forward.

Our aims to:

-Provide high standard of support to every service user in our accommodation

- To provide a safe, welcoming nurturing environment

- To accept and understand each individual service user at all time maintaining their dignity and self-respect.

-To adopt a person-centred approach, ensuring the best possible support for each service user

-To be sensitive to service user’s needs and expectations by encouraging their full participation in their daily activities

What you can expect from our supported living accommodation or our staff;

-escorting clients to theme parks / zoos / coastal trips / swimming / Cinema / horse riding / shopping/ assisting 16+ and the young adults to move on etc

Our concept of health care focuses around maintenance or improvement of health via the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease, illness, injury, and other physical and mental impairments in human beings.

The health and care system in England has come under increasing pressure, driven by changing care needs and financial demands on all public services. Providers and staff are being asked to deliver significant efficiency savings to ensure that the health and care system remains sustainable for the future, while meeting the increasing care needs of the population, including those with complex needs and older people” (Care Quality Commission, 2016).